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Pentavirate Compliant Investments has identified over $3 billion of institutional grade assets for acquisition and management in the next three years.

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Sukuk overview

As a capital placement firm specializing in risk-adjusted investment vehicles, Pentavirate offers a solution to the increasing demand for Shariah-compliant fixed-income investments. Our 5-year, Luxembourg-based Sukuk investment, securitized by US commercial real estate with established cash flow, is rated A- by EuroRating, providing institutional-level credibility to our offerings.

At Pentavirate, we understand the specific needs and investment objectives of Middle East Wealth Advisors and their clients. That is why we have partnered with Amanie Advisors, a leading authority in Shariah-compliant finance, to ensure that our offerings meet the expectations and investment philosophy of Wealth Advisors in the region. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and compelling suite of services to address the need for accessible and viable Sukuk options for Middle East investors. Invest in a secure future with Pentavirate and benefit from our expertise in the fixed-income market, backed by US commercial real estate.

Pentavirate US Real Estate Sukuk One received an A- rating from EuroRating.

Sukuk issuance from Securitized SPV based in Luxembourg.

Sukuk will have terms of 5 years.

Sukuk program will be monitored and audited by Amanie Advisors.

Underlying Assets Classes

Our due diligence and analytics continue to point to acquisitions for self-storage, senior housing, and multifamily in secondary and tertiary North American markets as a stable securitization for our debt offering. These institutional-grade assets have gained strong interest from investors for their resilience to economic stressors year after year.

Sukuk 1

Self Storage and Industrial Facilities

Sukuk 2

Data Centers

Multifamily senior housing

Multifamily and Senior Housing

81% of participants prefer to invest in US-denominated Sukuk. Deloitte

The North American real estate market offers stable and attractive returns, making Pentavirate the ideal choice for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with fixed-income assets.

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